Fat Burritos Aren’t Necessarily Good Burritos

Muchachos recently opened in Singapore and describes itself as a “Mission-Style Burrito Bar”. Good Mexican/Spanish food is generally scarce and expensive in Singapore, so I decided to give this place a try, given the raving online reviews and the promise of a large-sized Mission Burrito going for a reasonable (in Singapore standards) price of S$12 nett. Unfortunately, I was highly disappointed by the burrito.

Burrito, Muchachos  [2013]

It could have just been the food servers on duty that day, but they really need training on how to wrap a burrito. The burrito ended up short and fat (like a rugby ball) instead of long and cylindrical, resulting in three distinct layers of meat, carbs, and salsa (imagine Neapolitan ice cream). So unless one has an extremely huge mouth, one has to take three separate adjacent small bites in order to get a mixture of the contents. I’m okay with a short and fat burrito if each individual bite can hold on its own, but clearly this wasn’t the case. In one mouthful I could only taste the strong flavour of the lamb, in another I could only feel the plain texture of the refried beans. The salsa didn’t quite have enough of a zesty kick either. It was a chore to finish the burrito even though I was hungry.

And how can a burrito bar run out of guacamole (additional S$2 nett)? It wasn’t anywhere near closing time yet! It’s back to searching for that elusive value-for-money burrito in Singapore. Perhaps I will try Baja Fresh Mexican Grill again. While the one I ate there previously wasn’t spectacular, at least it wasn’t disappointing. I think I will keep my expectations of Mexican/Spanish food in Singapore at rock bottom next time.

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